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Disappointed with a product and service anywhere in India?

About Consumer Complaints Online

(An Initiative by AlphaOne Services Pvt Ltd (Since 2013)

In Recent times, especially post Corona, India has seen an increase in the number of consumer complaints. We work to protect and advance consumer interests against unfair and unethical trading practices. The need to form a consumer complaints online arise as a result of consumer dissatisfaction as more and more bad practices were perpetrated by businesses post corona. It has taken many years in India, and around the world, to raise awareness about to consumer rights. Now, its responsibility of all of us to raise a voice against any anti-consumer activity. We at consumer complaints online, committed to support, guide and advice on raising your voice against unfair practices.

According to data revealed by the Government of India, Department of Consumer Affairs, on the occasion of the annual World Consumer Rights Day, between April 2017 and February 2021, India’s grievance Redressal system, registered primarily 5,23,837 complaints related to e-commerce; 2,06,417 related to the banking sector; and 1,83,185 related to telecom and so on. To our utmost surprise, over 22 per cent of all complaints received from consumers in India are related to transactions performed on e-commerce platforms.

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Our Services

Unfair Trade Practice Complaints

Defective or Spurious Goods Complaints

E-commerce  Complaints

Personal data leaking Complaints

Delay in response Complaints

Insurance Claim Complaints

Cyber Fraud Complaints

Complaints against banks



Mis-leading advertisement Complaints

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Why Choose Us?

  • CONVENIENCE – While you choose to take our services, you get our services anywhere, anytime, as per Your convenience.

  • EXPERT ADVISE – You get professional advice from the experienced expert team throughout your case under consideration. Our Expert have years of knowledge of dealing consumer cases.

  • FAST & PROMPT SERVICES - We know the urgency and depth of your complaints and provides you fast and prompt services as early as possible.

  • ONLY A CLICK AWAY - We are just a click away for you. You can connect with us using mobile, laptop, tablet, PC, to get services.

  • TIME SAVING – Time is very precious and time is money. Since, you get all services/advises from the comfort of your home/office, you save your lot of precious time.

  • MONEY SAVING - The services we provide are very cheap compare to other Professionals. Its saves you money and its pocked friendly too.

  • CLAIM COMPENSATION - You can easily apply at your nearby Consumer Court/Commission for compensation or sometime penalties too.

  • 9 YEARS GLORIOUS TRACK RECORD - We are registered with Govt of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, since 2013 and having a glorious track of providing services.

  • ISO CERTIFIED - We are an ISO Certified (ISO 9001:2015 QMS) company, committed to provide professional services at very reasonable service charges.

  • SERVING INDIVIDUAL AS WELL AS CORPORATES - We have been serving not only individual but corporate clients also taking our services on various matters. Our clientale include HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Toyota Financial, Tata Motors, Future Generalli etc.

Your Benefits 

Time Saving 

Expert Advise

Free consultation

Affordable Price

Send Legal Notice to concerned Company

Fast and Prompt


Convenience: Complain anywhere, anytime 

24* 7 Call and

Chat  Support

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Legal Professionals

Get your Claim Compensation

How we process? 

1. Register Your Complaint on our website.

Make Payment to start the doucmentation process.

24*7 call and Chat support by our legal experts untill your case is resolved.

2. Receive a free consultation call from our Team. 

Our team will prepare all the required docs. 

3. Share your case Documents for furthur case Study.

Legal notice will be send to concerned company.

Case Study by our Expert Legal Team

All documents and legal formalities will be provided by us.

Service Fees

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